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Upcoming feature releases

The following items are not definitive and may change or be delayed.

  • Secure storage
    • Upload files to your secure storage through the Web App
    • Sending files directly from your secure storage
    • Save received files to your remote storage
    • Secure storage native browser
  • Chat improvements
    • Edit and delete messages
    • Message tracking and delivery status
    • Local cache for faster chat load

V1.0 - Commercial Release Version

  • Premium paid tier
    • Increased file transfer limits
    • Customizable expiration parameters for sending addresses
    • Personalized sending address request

v0.2 - Pre-Release version

  • Multi-factor Authentication
    • Wallet protection using multi-factor authentication
    • Support for One-Time Codes via Mobile Authenticator apps
    • Support for MFA setup directly on smartphones and tablets

v0.1 - Pre-Release version

Released August 2023

  • File transfers in Web App
    • File transfers of sizes up to 8MB in the Web App
    • Upload multiple files at once
    • Support for disposable addresses to receive files
  • Standard cryptographic algorithms
    • 256 bit AES-GCM symmetrical encryption
    • 4096 bit RSA-OAEP asymmetrical encryption
    • SHA-256 signature for all network traffic
    • Wallet protection using 256 bit AES-GCM keys
    • Wallet key derived using salted PBKDF2 with SHA-512 and 250.000 iterations
  • Released to everyone
  • Released to preview access users
  • Under current development
  • Planned in an upcoming release